It’s Better Than Home. It’s Like a 5 Star Hotel…” The staff here is so kind and caters to your every need.

I get my clothes laundered and delivered back to my room, get my hair done and my nails.
We have great food here. We have many activities like bingo, dice, Yahtzee and a spacious patio to enjoy.
My family visits often and they would agree that this is a wonderful place. I wish we could name everyone that has been so kind to us: housekeepers, nurses and aides.

Thank you

for the great care and kindness.”
Dolores Arruda and Georgette Kime (daughter)



They Really Do Care About Us Here…..” The care here is wonderful and the staff is so cheerful and helpful.

We go to therapy several times a week and do exercises and ride the bike. With the motivation and support

of the therapy team, we’ve almost met our goals. They keep us really busy here with activities such as bingo,

arts and crafts and the library. We love that they have WiFi for our tablets. We like the variety of meals and

one of our favorites is the Chicken Jerusalem. The center is clean, the staff is great and it makes us feel good

that our family feels that we are safe here.”

Shirley Tomich and Linda Myers




“I want to thank you many times over for the care and compassion you gave my mother.

She was really nervous at the thought of leaving your facility. She really enjoyed her time

with you before returning home.  “Thank you for making a hard time easier””

Lisa Casagrande ( Mary Beth Sacco)




“We would like to express our thanks and appreciation for all the wonderful moments at

There are no words that can express your wondrous performance”.

Debbie Brock & Steve Paine (Audrey Paine)



“I would like to thank the amazing people on your staff, I could not ask for a better situation

for my mom in her final months. She was treated with kindness, patience, and compassion.

It was obvious during my visits that the staff not only cared for her, but truly cared bout her”.

Tom Trepiak (Mary Elster)



“To all you loving angels who care for my mom like she’s your own. God bless you!

She calls this her home and you are a part of our family.  “Thank You””

Castro, Catudel, Pugel and Mills Family  (Eleanor  Catudal)

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